A Time for Hibernation and Solitude

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

As we bear witness to the leaves falling from the trees, you are reminded of the catalyst of change.

A time for hibernation and solitude.

As the trees shed their leaves, so do we. We shed parts of us that no longer serves us.

And when the trees in all their power are left bear to prepare for darkness, we too follow the same fate in times of testing. Their bare branches succumbed to the coldness of winter, the wilds of storms, testing their ability and agility.

And in the darkness we too are tested, pushed to limits, presented with our shadow self, encouraged to contemplate a new way of being, sometimes not by choice, but likely for our highest good. Encouraged to sit with this uncomfortableness.

When the light begins to shine again, buds appear.


And from these buds and from this hope, growth begins.

Renewal, rebirth, and realignment.

And with the appearance of the first leaf, we know that the trees and we have come full circle.

We have ridden the storm.

We have braved the challenge, the lessons.

We are ready for the nurturance, the learnings, newness, the opportunities.

We too shed and return a rebirthed version of ourselves in wisdom and knowledge.

So as the seasons change, remember this.

Whatever you experience, whatever you feel, You Are Enough.

The completeness of you, the strength of you, the creation of you, then and now.

You Are Enough.

Many Blessings,


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