This is What You Came For

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

I have been hearing the phrase a lot lately “We are spiritual beings having a human experience”. I listened to an Oprah Winfrey Podcast, "What is Your Spiritual Belief", on Monday about this and she spoke about the concept that we are here to learn the lessons we are being taught as humans in preparation to return to where we came from, The Divine.

At my wedding I told my parents “children choose their parents, and I am glad I choose you”. Again, spiritually, the soul of a child chooses its parent upon conception to learn the lessons we need to be taught in this life. So, while I do believe a certain aspect of this, I choose to look upon this as being on a spiritual path in my life.

It does make me question though, why are we here? What is the purpose of all this?

I always come back to, Love.

We are here because of Love.

Love may seem so far away from our hearts when we see the news, hear of atrocious crimes but behind all that pain and hurt the soul is seeking love.

Our souls first connection is Love.

Love is the essence of who we are and without love we cannot function to our full potential. The love we seek and the love we need is the love deep within our own source. Our society has thought us that the love we need is exterior, creating a warped picture of what love looks like. In our inner most dwelling of beauty that is you, here lies Love. This fuels our soul and spirit. When we return to love, we return to ourselves. We are all love; we are capable of love and to be loved.

Place your hand on your heart chakra and say to yourself “I am Love, I am Love, I am Love”.

Many Blessings,


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